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Accountants deal in data, answering the question what. Finance business partners and leaders turn the data into insights that answer the questions so what, what next, and how can we improve. In this course you’ll learn the difference between data and insight, and more importantly how to uncover the insights that influence decisions.


After the course you’ll:

  1. Know the difference between data, information and insight
  2. Be able to translate data into valuable insight using Insight Mountain
  3. Be able to avoid the big insight mistakes most finance people make
  4. Have a new tool box of trends, top-down budgeting and scenario planning
  5. Know the difference between drivers, multipliers and outcomes to help you focus your time

Your course includes:

  1. 15+ video lessons
  2. Personalised survey
  3. Real-life examples and case-studies
  4. Templates to download
  5. 3 month unlimited access


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