We don’t run finance courses. Your people are good enough accountants.

Andy Shambrook, FCA, Founder

I’m Andy Shambrook. I started off working life as an auditor, became a finance business partner, head of finance and finally finance director of Dulux Paints UK, part of ICI/AkzoNobel.

I then spent 3 years as Dulux sales director, selling to major UK retailers, distributors, and independents.

Then for 2 years I was Director of New Business, with a cross-functionally team of sales, marketing, IT, finance and logistics.

I launched e-commerce selling direct to our consumers with home delivery, and opened up multiple new distribution routes with grocers, department stores, and even fashion retailers.

In 2014 me and my best friend raised £500k venture capital and launched an online spend anywhere gift card powered by MasterCard. I still oversee sales and marketing, and am currently leading the development of our new e-commerce presence and social media launch for some exciting new innovation in that market.

I also started The Finance Business Partner in 2014, and over the last 5 years it’s grown exponentially and has become my main focus.

It’s for finance people but it’s not a finance programme. I’ve designed it to show you what I learned in sales, marketing, e-commerce and a VC-backed start-up that I wish I’d know when I was a FD.

For many years it was just me, flying all over the World from the UK. Then in 2018 I joined forces with Andrew Jepson, who wrote the book Compliance to Commercial and designed and runs Australia’s most successful FBP course.

We grew the business rapdily and then lockdown hit – disaster for a face-to-face training business! So we moved it all online and created a blended programme that our clients loved. We’re now busier than ever and have gathered a select team of people with similar backgrounds to us to help us reach more finance people around the World.

We all work from direct experience, not from text-books. And we don’t give you theories, just simple, practical and easy to use tools that work in all situations and work fast!

See you there!

Andy Shambrook, Founder


Meet the team

Andy Shambrook


I used to be a finance director, then I became a sales director, and I’ll show your team everything I learned in sales that I wish I’d know when I worked in finance. I founded the company in the UK in 2014, and developed our unique approach based on my personal experience. I have personally trained over 5,000 FBPs all over the World.

Andrew Jepson

Founder, Asia Pacific

I’ve been a senior finance leader but it was when I became a general manager that I really got what finance business partnering is all about. Based in Sydney, I designed and run Australia’s most popular public finance business partner training course, plus I wrote the book ‘Compliance to Commercial’.

Iain Dewson

Associate Partner, Europe

I’ve been a finance leader and run a global finance academy for 2,000 people across 28 countries from the L&D function. Andy used to be a supplier of mine and I saw first-hand the positive impact on people and teams his work had. So much so that in 2019 I joined as a full-time partner to help spread the message.

Amanda Carlyle

Associate Partner, Europe

I’ve trained over 20,000 finance professionals over the last 15 years, across all sectors and all levels. I specialise in finance business partnering, improving shared service centres, and coaching. I joined the team in 2021 to support FBP Academy delivery and coaching

Shelly Adams

Tailoring and research

I’ve been a senior finance business partner in FMCG for Dulux Paints, Hovis, Plum Baby and Dairy Crest. Andy and me are married and I keep the family running smoothly and research each new project to make sure we tailor the exercises and case-studies to your situation.

Pam Harris

Client Delivery Manager

Once you’ve decided to go with us, I take over and make sure your programme is organised and delivered to the very highest standard. More than just diaries, I make sure it all runs smoothly and your people just have to turn up, have fun, and learn!


Design and web development

Moving to an online model needs a lot of work in the background almost daily to make sure everything runs smoothly. We rely on Liam and his team at PurpleLemur for that, and they are great!

A family company

We work globally with big companies, but you're working with a family company.

Andy Shambrook is based in the UK and Andrew Jepson is in Australia. After many years of working alone delivering finance business partner training on different sides of the World, our shared passion brought us together.

Since then we've become business partners and friends. We are proud of what we do, and we never forget why we are doing it.