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Full In-house Training Program

Are you searching for online finance business partner courses? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to The Finance Business Partner, where you’ll find more than just finance business partner training. We’ll show your people everything we learned in sales and marketing that we wish we’d known when we were finance directors!

We offer a full in-house training program for all levels—Advance for analysis and managers, and NEXTFD for your future leaders, and FBP Ignite development plans, capability frameworks, video lessons, live Zoom workshops, insights psychometrics, and 11 coaching options mean you can build the perfect academy for your team.

Everything’s online, with optional in-person, and it’s easy to roll out. You could start as soon as next week.

Who Is It For?

Finance Business Courses for Teams of Any Size

We work with major brands from around the world, and we’re set up to make the process of designing and running large programs easier than ever. We work with businesses of any size, so if you have more than six people on your team, get in touch with us.

And if you’re looking just for our FBP On Demand is a stand-alone video course that’s available to buy online today. It includes all the content and exercises from our in-house FBP Advance training.

We offer an option for everyone, no matter your budget!

online finance business partner courses
courses online finance business partner

About Us

Trusted Within Our Profession

As well as our own programs, we have also designed and delivered customised finance business partner training and leadership development all over the world on behalf of ICAEW in the UK and CAANZ in Australia and New Zealand for seven years and counting.

And we’re all members of either ICAEW, CAANZ, or CIMA.

We’ve Seen Both Sides

We don’t run finance courses. Your people are already good accountants. We work from our direct experience and not from textbooks. What’s more, we don’t offer you theories. Instead, we offer simple, practical, easy-to-use tools that work in all situations, and they work fast.

We’ve been senior finance leaders; however, our unique approach to finance business partner courses comes from our direct experience leading sales and marketing teams and being partnered by finance.

Our In-House Advance Finance Business Partner Courses

We’ll show you everything we’ve learned in sales and marketing that we wish we’d known when we worked in finance.

This course is perfect for all setups. We’ll stretch your people with capability surveys, on-demand video lessons, live Zoom application workshops, and INSIGHTS. We’ve covered all the bases.

In this course, you’ll learn how to build relationships, turn data into insights, and bring numbers to life. All the content from our flagship in-house FBP Advance is customised for your team.

FBP Ignite Development Plan

You can start with the FBP Ignite online survey to see where you sit against our 16 behaviours of World Class FBPs. We use the results of this to customise the rest of the program for you. And you can take it again at the end to measure improvement and to set new development goals.

Seven On-Demand Video Lessons

You’ll learn the principles, tools, and models in over seven hours of on-demand video lessons. With case studies, examples, and self-study exercises, you can go at your own pace. All the content from FBP Advance is available as a stand-alone video FBP On Demand course that’s perfect for individuals and teams.

What You’ll Be Doing

Over 7,000 people have graduated from our FBP Advance in the last seven years across 200 businesses around the world.

Public Advance Finance Business Partner Courses

This course is for individuals and small teams. You’ll learn to build relationships, turn data into insights, and more. You’ll have the FBP Ignite capability survey, on-demand video lessons, and live Zoom application workshops. All the content from our in-house FBP Advance for individuals and small teams is available across global time zones, including:

  • Sydney Time
  • UK Time
  • Dubai Time

What We Show You

Data is only meaningful when it tells a story. This is what makes it memorable and inspirational, and we’ll show you how to do this. The best way to bring numbers to life and tell the story behind them is not to use any numbers, and we’ll show you how.

Online Demand Finance Business Partner Courses

This course is perfect for all setups. You’ll learn how to develop your career with our cost-effective solution. This course is perfect for individuals, teams, and to learn how to create effective insights.

Why Choose Our Finance Business Partner Courses?

First, we’ve trained over 7,000 FBPs in over 200 companies around the world, all within the past seven years. We’ve taken our proven in-house model and made it available to the public.

We start with a quick online survey against our 16 behaviours of World Class FBPs. The reason is that you have to know where you are now before you’re able to decide where to go next.

Learning is effective when broken down into smaller pieces, with time between to do it in reality. We run your FBP Advanced between 7 to 10 weeks, and it’s all conveniently online.

finance business partner courses online
finance business partner online courses

You’ll learn by doing it rather than through slides and group discussions. And you’ll learn how to take your influence to the next level through INSIGHTs, a 90-minute, live online workshop. You’ll learn to understand your communication style, strengths, and the value you bring to the team. 

With our options, you can build a full in-house training program at all levels. And everything is online, so it’s easy and fast to roll out. Our finance business courses are for teams of any size, from large organisations to small businesses and everything in between.

Your team will learn more than theories—they’ll receive practical, easy training and tools that work in all situations.

We take a different approach to finance business partner courses.

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If you’d like to learn more about our finance business partner courses, contact us today. We’re always happy to answer your questions about our courses and how they work. Let us know how we can help you train your staff today!

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