Finance Business Partner Training

We'll help you and your team build relationships, turn data into insights and bring numbers to life.

We've all been senior finance leaders, but our unique approach to finance business partner training  comes from our experience working outside of finance.

Choose from online video courses, public workshops and in-house development programmes.


What is finance business partnering?

We believe it's about 3 things: building relationships, turning data into insights and bringing numbers to lifeAccountants focus on process, data and tables of numbers. Finance business partners focus on people, insights, and telling stories.

We have all been senior finance leaders but our unique finance business partner training approach comes from our experience working outside of finance and being partnered by finance.

What is World Class?

We've identified the 16 behaviours of World Class finance business partners. All our finance business partner training content is built on these behaviours. 

All our training packages start with an assessment against our 16 behaviours to benchmark current performance, tailor the content, and measure ROI.


Are you dealing in data or insight?

Data answers the question what. Information answers the question why. And insight answers the questions so what, what next, how could we improve.

Automation and AI is changing finance fast, and soon the robots will tell us what happened. The future of finance is insight - helping to answer the question so what?

What questions are you and your finance team answering?

Are you ready for the finance revolution?

The future of finance is automation. Month end will be real-time, forecasts automated and rolling, and the annual budget process all but eliminated.

The future is robots with a small number of exception fixers. And a small number of commercially-focussed influencers with financial expertise. We call them super-finance business partners. Will you and your team be one of them?


Are you a Calculator or Coach?

We've identified the 4 types of finance business partner: the calculator, the dashboard, the coach and the leader

Our finance business partner training moves your team from Calculator to Coach, and our 1:1 coaching options can take your people all the way to Leader.

Take our free survey to find out what type of finance business partner you or your team are.

Options for individuals and teams

Video Course

£299 /person
  • 100+ video lessons
  • 25+ templates
  • 90 day email support
  • 4 days + CPD

Public Workshops

£999 for 2 days
  • 2 day workshop
  • Capability assesment
  • 100+ video lessons
  • Interactive group exercises
  • Locations: London, Sydney, Dubai


£499 /person/day
  • Capability assessments
  • Tailored content
  • Video lessons for core content
  • Application workshops
  • Tasking between modules
  • Coaching options

Finance Business Partner Training

Steve Harris

CFO, Barts Charity

Andy worked with our finance business partner team and has transformed the way we approach the role. By emphasising the importance of relationship building and looking at things from the perspective of our stakeholders the team are now able to provide significantly better service.


Kane Laurence

FP&A Director, CMS Legal

I have worked with Andy and the team twice and have been very impressed with his ability to deliver relevant content in a way that is engaging from start to finish. Andy’s unique sales and finance background really brings something to the table and I would thoroughly recommend his expertise to develop any business partnering capability.


Wes Burrage-Jones

Commercial Finance Director, ReAssure

Andy has taken me & our team on a journey of self learning, enabling a transformation which has resulted in turning dull, low value information into insight and influence. The learning has opened our eyes to a different way of communication and we are excited to continue this journey and see what we can achieve – thanks Andy!

Why choose us?

We've all been senior finance leaders, but our unique approach to finance business partner training comes from our experience working outside of finance and being partnered by finance.


Andy Shambrook

Founder & Partner, UK & Europe

I used to be a finance director, then I became a sales director, and I'll show your team everything I learned in sales that I wish I'd know when I worked in finance.

I founded the company in the UK in 2014, and developed our unique approach based on my personal experience. I have personally trained over 5,000 FBPs all over the World.

Andrew 5's-6

Andrew Jepson

Partner, Asia Pacific

I've been a senior finance leader but it was when I became a general manager that I really got what finance business partnering is all about.

Based in Sydney, I designed and run Australia's most popular public finance business partner training course, plus I wrote the book 'Compliance to Commercial'.


Iain Dewson

Partner, North America

I've been a finance leader and run a global finance academy for 2,000 people across 28 countries from the L&D function.

Andy used to be a supplier of mine and I saw first-hand the positive impact on people and teams his work had. So much so that in 2019 I joined as a full-time partner to help spread the message.

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Busting the myths of finance business partnering

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