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Introducing an unprecedented approach to Financial Planning and Analysis Training tailored for you. Our methodology encapsulates the insights gleaned from sales and marketing, knowledge we yearned for during our tenure as finance directors.

Empower your team with an all-encompassing in-house training regimen suitable for all tiers. Advance, curated for analysts and managers, and NEXTFD, catering to emerging leaders, constitute an integral part of our offerings. Embrace a holistic educational journey with development strategies, proficiency frameworks, video tutorials, interactive Zoom workshops, psychological assessments, and one-on-one mentoring. Our training blueprints facilitate the creation of a customised academy, exclusively online (with the possibility of in-person sessions), ensuring swift implementation – you could embark on this transformative journey as early as the coming week!

What We Offer

The FP&A Training

Our selection of programs encompasses the following choices for you and your workforce:

Embark on a voyage through concepts we wished we had mastered in sales and marketing. These gems of wisdom, gleaned from our practical experiences, are now consolidated to be shared with your team.

Our In-House program seamlessly integrates into diverse settings. It encompasses proficiency evaluations, on-demand video tutorials, immersive Zoom workshops, and the transformative INSIGHTS® tool. Comprehensive coverage is assured.

Participants gain mastery over relationship building, transforming data into insights, and rendering numbers dynamic.


All seven x 1 hour on-demand video lessons from our flagship FBP Advance. The course includes self-study exercises, case studies, and real-life examples.

With immediate lifetime access and up to four days CPD for ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, and more, it offers great value.


Our FBP On Demand video course is the perfect, cost-effective solution to upskill your team quickly. The on-demand video course is easy to deploy across large, global teams with full LMS reporting.
We offer a customised branded portal for larger teams.

Why On-Demand Video?

Our on-demand video module, an integral part of our finance planning and analysis training, serves as an exceptional alternative. Boasting the entirety of our in-house FP&A Training content condensed into seven hours of on-demand video, it nurtures skills in relationship building, data-to-insights transformation, numerical vivification, and decision-making influence.

This comprehensive course fulfils your CPD requisites for the year. Presented by the esteemed Andy Shambrook, the lessons emulate the engagement of in-person sessions, steering clear of monotonous PowerPoint presentations.

Furthermore, perpetual access to the course empowers you and your team. The course becomes an invaluable resource, enriched by pertinent case studies and self-study exercises – all accessible from the comforts of home.

Witness your team’s evolution into the epitome of excellence through our finance planning and analysis training.

FP&A Training

Why Choose Us for your Finance Business Partner Training?

Our global presence encompasses collaborations with individuals and teams of various scales, including prominent brands. Count on us to orchestrate the intricacies of designing and executing substantial programs. Irrespective of your team’s size, exceeding six members warrants an invitation to connect with us!

For those seeking personalised journeys, our FP&A Training On Demand standalone video course stands ready for online acquisition, encompassing all content and exercises from our celebrated in-house FP&A Advance. Our offerings cater to diverse budgets, making them universally accessible.

Furthermore, our track record comprises the design and implementation of tailored finance planning and analysis training and leadership development initiatives spanning the globe. Over seven years, we’ve facilitated similar programs on behalf of ICAEW in the US and CAANZ in Australia & New Zealand. As fellow members of ICAEW, CAANZ, or CIMA, we foster a kinship with these esteemed institutions.

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