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We’ll show you everything we learned in sales and marketing that we wish we’d known when we worked in finance.

Andy Shambrook FCA, Founder

Who is it for?

Perfect for all setups

Imagine The Financial Times meets the Apprentice and you’ll get an idea of the stretch we’ll give your people. Capability surveys, on-demand video lessons, live Zoom application workshops, and INSIGHTS®. Yep we’ve got all bases covered for you!

You’ll learn how to build relationships, turn data into insights and bring numbers to life. FBP Ignite capability survey, on-demand video lessons, and live Zoom application workshops. All the content from our flagship in-house FBP Advance tailored to your team.


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How it works

What you’ll be doing

Over 7,000 people have graduated from our FBP Advance in the last 7 years, across over 200 businesses Worldwide. And since lockdown we’ve perfected our new online model and trained over 1,000 people so far.

FBP Ignite development plan

Start with our FBP Ignite online survey to see where you sit against our 16 behaviours of World Class FBPs.

We use the results of this to tailor the rest of the programme, plus you take it again at the end to measure improvement and set new onoing development goals.

7 on-demand video lessons

You’ll learn the principles, tools and models in over 7 hours of on-demand video lessons. With case-studies, examples, and self-study exercises – all at your own pace.

All the content from FBP Advance is available in a stand-alone video FBP On Demand course, perfect for individuals and teams.

7 live Zoom workshops

The videos cover the core content, so the live workshops are all about applying it to your role today. No death by Powerpoint online, this is group exercises and presenting back!

When available we also offer in-person simulation days.

Personal insights

Choose our Insights, DiSC or MBTi add on to maximise behavioural change and turbo-charge your communication and influence.

You’ll join an addition 2 live Zoom workshops where we’ll show you how to flex your style to different people, as well as make the very most of your preferences.

What it’s all about

What we show you

Imagine finance had written MLKs speech…

“We see a 24.5% average income equality gap at current inflation levels, expected to expand at a compound rate of 3.2% per annum.”

Inspired? Me neither. He actually said:

“I have a dream”

Data is meaningless without emotion, and we’ll show you how to add it to your numbers.

Imagine finance had written JFK’s speech…

“We choose to travel 238,855 miles at 25,000 miles per hour to the second densest known satellite with which we are in synchronous rotation”

Inspired? Me neither. He actually said:

“We choose to go to the moon”

If you want to be a great FBP or FD you’d better get good at communicating, and you’d better get good at it quick. We’ll show you how.

Sneak peek

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Your FBP Advance is broken down into 7 modules. Each module includes a 1 hour on-demand video lesson and a 2 hour live application workshop. Check out a sample of the video content for each module.


FBP In-House Advance

We’d really like to talk to you about exactly what you’re looking for. Please get in touch and we’ll call you. 

If you’re looking for online on demand instead, all the content from our in-house FBP Advance is in over 7 hours of on-demand video lessons for just £399. With immediate access, what better time to take your career to the next level.

Why Advance?

Live virtual workshops

So much online training today is little more than a narrated Powerpoint slideshow – boring!

Because we’ve covered the core content in the on-demand videos, our live workshops are dedicated to group exercises to apply the learning.

Your people will be trying the tools on for size, in tailored exercises that will stretch their thinking and help them apply the learning to their role today!


We don’t learn by reading or listening. We learn by doing, and that’s what the 7 x 2 hour live Zoom workshops are all about. Doing it for real, well almost for real.


Add our INSIGHTS® psychometrics package to your FBP Advance and attend an extra 2 x 90 minute live virtual workshops to show them how to maximise their new FBP learning. It really does add a lot!


We’re showing people the best influencing tools from the Worlds of sales and marketing. It’s new to everyone from analyst to CFO, so we create a safe environment so that people can test them out and get to grips with them before doing them for real at work.


We’ll set at least 3 exercises per 2 hour workshop, tailored to your business situation. People will be set a typical business problem, work in groups to apply the tools from the videos, and present back the solutions.


We use Zoom, simply because the breakouts rooms are awesome. Teams are rolling it out slowly, but until it’s universally available it’s just not worth using it for training. 

The team

Your hosts

We’ve been finance directors, but you probably know enough about finance already. So we’ll show you what we learned in sales and marketing that we wish we’d learned when we were in finance.

Iain Dewson

Iain Dewson

Partner Europe & Americas

I’ve been a finance leader and run a global finance academy for 2,000 people across 28 countries from the L&D function. I saw first-hand the positive impact on people and teams FBP has. So much so that in 2019 I joined as a full-time partner to help spread the message.

Oliver Deacon

Oliver Deacon

Associate Partner, Europe

I’m a former Microsoft Finance Director and a qualified PCC Executive Coach. I bring a refreshing and inspiring perspective to modern finance, helping teams to manage change through integrating the skills of the next generation of finance.

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