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Take our stand-alone 7 module on-demand video course, and get all the core content from our flagship in-house FBP Advance.

Andy Shambrook FCA, Founder

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Want to develop your career, but your company isn’t running training? Or want a cost-effective solution for your team? We’ve got you! You can take our stand-alone 7 module on-demand video course, and get all the core content from our flagship in-house FBP Advance.

You can even choose to add Insights profiling and 1:1 Zoom coaching to create a tailored experience.


All 7 x 1 hour on-demand video lessons from our flagship FBP Advance. Includes self-study exercises, case-studies, and real-life examples.

With immediate lifetime access and up to 4 days CPD for ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA and more, it really is great value.


Our FBP On Demand video course is the perfect cost-effective solution to upskill your team fast. Easy to deploy across large global teams, with full LMS reporting.

For larger teams we offer a bespoke branded portal for your team.


Create a cost-effective programme by adding INSIGHTS to your team video course and transform your communication.

Your team will all receive in-depth psychometric profiles and attend 2 x 90 minute live Zoom workshops that will change the way they think forever.

What it’s all about

What we show you

Data means nothing without the story…

“Usain Bolt has a top-speed of 44.72 kph, weighs 94 kg and is 1.95m tall. He holds the World 100m record of 9.58 seconds and the World 200m record of 19.19.”

Inspired? Me neither. We prefer:

“He’s the fastest man on the planet”

Data means nothing without the story that makes it meaningful, memorable and inspirational. We’ll show you how.

Imagine finance had written JFK’s speech…

“We choose to travel 238,855 miles at 25,000 miles per hour to the second densest known satellite with which we are in synchronous rotation”

Inspired? Me neither. He actually said:

“We choose to go to the moon”

If you want to be a great FBP or FD you’d better get good at communicating, and you’d better get good at it quick. We’ll show you how.

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Take our video tour

Watch a sample video from each of the 7 on-demand video FBP On Demand course modules. You’ve got 7 hours of video content, broken down into short clips so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


Video FBP On Demand

All the content from our in-house FBP Advance in over 7 hours of on-demand video lessons for just £399. With immediate access, what better time to take your career to the next level.

Don’t need them all? Get individual modules for £59 each.

Why on demand?

On demand video


Designed for individual learning, all the content from our in-house FBP Advance, in 7 hours of on-demand video lessons. You’ll learn how to build relationships, turn data into insights, bring numbers to life, and influence decisions.


Completing the videos and self-study exercises qualifies for 2 days of CPD for ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA and more. Putting into practice for real qualifies for much more. This one course could easily cover your entire CPD needs for the year for just £399.


7 hours of professionally produced video content, split into 7 modules, with no indivdual video lasting more than 5 minutes. All delivered by our founder Andy Shambrook, exactly how he delivers in person. This is not just narrated Powerpoint!


Lifetime, yes lifetime, access. None of this 6 or 12 months. You buy our course, it’s yours.


Case-studies, examples, and self-study exercises. All from the comfort of your home, on your terms.

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get good at communicating

And get good quick!

The big difference between an accountant and a leader is simply communication. If you can make the complex simple, and talk to people's hearts as well as their mind, you will be amazing.

Steve Jobs, JFK, MLK, Oprah, Obama, Thatcher and every great influencer in history knew this. And we'll show you exactly how they did it with our Insights® add-on to your Academy.


Turbo-charge any of our programmes with INSIGHTS®, a fully accredited and highly respected psychometic communication tool. Think MBTI and Belbin on steroids and you start to get close.


Take an online survey and get an in-depth and almost freakily accurate 40-page insight into your communication and influence preferences. This isn't a character assasination, quite the opposite. It'll show you how to ignite the real you and round off the edges you didn't even know you had.


Unlike MBTI or Belbin we don't put you in a box. Insights ® is about your communication preferences - fiery red, cool blue, sunshine yellow or earth green. We'll show you how to activate them all, and how to use them together for influence you never imagined possible.


Add our INSIGHTS® package to FBP On Demand or your FBP Advance and you'll get a detailed profile and attend an extra 2 x 90 minute live virtual workshops to learn how to maximise the new FBP learning. It really does add a lot!

Get to know you

What's your influence style?

Calculator, Dashboard, Coach, or Leader?

Take our FBP Ignite survey to learn more about your FBP style and create your personalised development plan