Demystifying strategy

Demystifying mission and vision, and what we can learn from NIKE

Most organisations have a mission. They may also have a vision, and set of values. Most organisations also fall into the trap of overcomplicating the simple. Confusion over terminology doesn’t really help the situation. So what is the difference between a mission and a vision, why should we care, and how do be we create…

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Strategic planning lessons from The A-Team

Strategic planning is full of jargon – mission, vision, values, must-win battles, broad action plans, specific action plans. Let’s take away the jargon and get down to basics, with a little help from the 1980s. What can the A-Team teach us about strategic planning? I was born in 1977, and American TV shows from the…

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Who is your target customer why do you care

A common misconception is that successful companies market to everyone. Marketing is sometime lauded as ‘one-to-many’, while sales is ‘one-one’. There are plenty of blogs at the moment that debate ‘to target, or not to target.’ My view is simple: great marketing starts with great targeting. Knowing who your target market are, and what they…

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