Are you on the pitch, or in the commentary box?

I recently wrote a post questioning whether the title ‘finance business partner’ helps or hinders our mindset and approach.

It got me thinking.

This week the England football team are back in action, following a torrid time.

I’ll be in the pub with friends, cheering the team on.

The temporary manager will be in the dugout.

They’ll be around 90,000 fans in the stadium.

Pundits and reporters from around the World in commentary boxes.

Even more pundits and reporters in newsrooms, watching from afar.

The analysis will begin as soon as the game kicks off.

And will continue long after the final whistle.

Win, lose, or draw – everyone will have an opinion.

Everyone will have their view on what could have been done better.

What they should have done.

What they need to do better.

Some opinions will be more important than others.

The benefit of hindsight is always so useful.

As a finance business partner, what role do you play?

Are you on the pitch, digging in, playing to win?

In the dugout, coaching?

In the stands watching?

In the commentary box?

Writing the headlines?




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