Did KFC really run out of chicken?

Feb 28, 2018 | How to influence

Did KFC really run out of chicken in February 2018?

Or is it in fact a stroke of marketing genius?

I’m not sure how much it costs to advertise your brand on the BBC news at ten! But I’m betting that the lost profits from chicken sales are well worth the media coverage.

Apple know better than anyone how to make scarcity work for them. That’s why they never have enough iPhones on launch.

The pent-up demand for chicken will be clucking massive when they’re back in stock.

And as for the woman who was on the news at ten showing her disgust at how she ‘had to go to Burger King’…well in just 6 words she’s managed to hand KFC their next advertising campaign ????

So anyway I’m off to sell my bitcoins and buy KFC stock! P.S. this is why hopefully all the franchise owners will follow the lead of the KFC-owned shops and still pay their people on zero hours contracts.

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