The only question to ask finance business partners at appraisal

I started to work for a finance director who had a unique view of the role of finance.

He had left finance and spent 5 years in general management.

And then he came back into finance.

He said it completely changed his perspective.

He had unconventional view on almost everything.

Including the annual performance review process.

He said to me, look we have to fill out the forms or we end up on the naughty list.

But don’t expect me to waste my time sitting down with you for a half-year or annual appraisal.

He said, I don’t give a $%^! what your objectives say.

Your job is to influence decisions and improve business performance.

Do that and I’ll promote you.

Don’t do it and I’ll fire you.

I’ll ask you every week what decisions you’ve influenced.

And he did.

Every week for 2 years.

It was the only question he ever asked me.

And it’s the only question to ask your finance business partners.

But not annually.

Every week.


You’ll be amazed at the difference it could make to your team.

Because for your people to influence decisions they’ll have to change the way they work.

And they will, because they know you’ll be asking.

It really is the one question that could change everything.

And not just for your team.

Maybe also for you.

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