Smash your communication with this simple tip from sales & marketing

If you want to be a great FBP you’d better get good at communicating and presenting and you’d better get good at it quick‼️ Why❓

➡️ Because one of the BIG differences between an accountant and a FBP is the ability to take a whole load of confusing data and turn it into a short, simple and clear message.

  It’s not how much you know, it’s how much you can help other people know

Whoa I hear you say, presenting is not really my bag. I mean I can do it, and I’m ok, but I don’t jump up and down excited about doing it. Sure sometimes it goes well, but I often leave thinking I could have done better.

And let’s face it, there’s always a few rolling eyes, yawns and face plants when we get up to present 25 slides of tables of numbers!

  Well don’t worry brothers and sisters I’ve got you!

Download the template below to find out how you can smash any communication using a super simple technique I learned as a sales director (and used every single day then and today).

And remember the words of De La Soul…


is the magic number!

Our flaship offer

Way more than just finance business partner training, we'll show your people everything we learned in sales and marketing that we wish we'd known when we worked in finance.

Imagine The Financial Times meets the Apprentice and you'll get an idea of the stretch we'll give your people.

Capability surveys, on-demand video lessons, live Zoom application workshops, 1:1 coaching and INSIGHTS®. Yep we've got all bases covered for you! All online, with optional in-person.


We've trained over 7,000 FBPs in over 200 companies across the World in the last 7 years. So we take our proven core 7 module FBP ACADEMY® and tailor the exercises, examples and simulations to your business situation and learning needs. This means it's quick and very cost effective to tailor, no more expensive development costs.


We start with a quick online survey against our 16 behaviours of World Class FBPs. Why? You've got to know where you are today before you can decide where you want to go. We can even benchmark your team against our database of over 3,000 FBPs.


Learning is so much more effective when broken down into bite-sized chunks with time between to do it for real. So we run your FBP ACADEMY® over between 7 and 14 weeks, and it's all online. When and where we can, we add in-person simulation days to the mix.


And they'll learn all this not through slides and group discussions. They learn it the single best way to learn anything. By doing it, for real. First in the workshops and then at work. I mean you don't learn to ride a bike by watching a Powerpoint presentation.


If you want to take your team's influence to truely World class add 2 extra Insights® 90 minute live online workshops, to help people understand their communication style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team.


And if you've got larger teams with analysts, managers, heads of and director - no problem. We simply push the more senior cohorts harder, with advanced content and exercises, all within a common framework of FBP for your business.

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