Smash your communication with this simple tip from sales & marketing

If you want to be a great FBP you’d better get good at communicating and presenting and you’d better get good at it quick‼️ Why❓

➡️ Because one of the BIG differences between an accountant and a FBP is the ability to take a whole load of confusing data and turn it into a short, simple and clear message.

  It’s not how much you know, it’s how much you can help other people know

Whoa I hear you say, presenting is not really my bag. I mean I can do it, and I’m ok, but I don’t jump up and down excited about doing it. Sure sometimes it goes well, but I often leave thinking I could have done better.

And let’s face it, there’s always a few rolling eyes, yawns and face plants when we get up to present 25 slides of tables of numbers!

  Well don’t worry brothers and sisters I’ve got you!

Download the template below to find out how you can smash any communication using a super simple technique I learned as a sales director (and used every single day then and today).

And remember the words of De La Soul…


is the magic number!

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