Navigating the Manager-Leader Dilemma: A Conservative Approach to Remote Work and Leadership

In the contemporary landscape of remote work, a crucial question arises: Do you trust your team to work from home, or do you prefer having them in sight? The answer to this question may unveil whether you lean more towards being a manager or a leader—and even shed light on whether you identify as an accountant or a Finance Business Partner (FBP).

First and foremost, it’s imperative to recognise that job titles alone don’t serve as definitive markers distinguishing managers from leaders, or accountants from FBPs. Contrary to common belief, being a CFO doesn’t automatically equate to being a leader, just as fulfilling the role of an accounts receivable administrator doesn’t preclude one from embodying leadership qualities.

Expressing reservations about trusting your team to be productive while working from home can be analogous to admitting, “I either lack the motivation or the know-how to inspire those around me to willingly accomplish tasks. Instead, I’d prefer them in close proximity, so I can ensure they adhere to the work I instruct them to do.”

The dichotomy between an Accountant and an FBP mirrors this sentiment. Accountants often find themselves dictating what needs to be done to enhance profitability, relying on complex spreadsheets and numerical tables. On the other hand, FBPs excel at building relationships and motivating individuals to proactively embrace change for the sake of their own and the company’s profitability.

So, the question becomes: Which role do you identify with more strongly?

For those seeking to transition from the accountant-manager mindset to the FBP-leader mindset, our courses provide valuable insights and guidance. We understand that leadership is not solely about issuing directives; it’s about fostering relationships, inspiring intrinsic motivation, and cultivating a shared commitment to organisational success.

In an era where the dynamics of work are evolving, it is crucial for professionals to adapt and refine their approaches. Embracing the FBP-leader mindset not only ensures a harmonious transition to remote work but also paves the way for sustained success and growth.

To delve deeper into the nuances of this transition and unlock the keys to effective leadership in today’s dynamic work environment, explore our comprehensive courses. Join us on the journey from being a manager to becoming a leader, and from being an accountant to embodying the transformative spirit of an FBP. Your professional evolution begins here.

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