5 alternative to a boring table of numbers

Improve your finance reports and presentations with these 5 charts..

Ask any marketeer and they’ll tell you the worst way to bring numbers to life…is to use a table of numbers.


Any more than a handful of numbers creates immediate noise and potential confusion.

Too many numbers means your key message is diluted or even lost.

Many people are intimidated, put off, or just plain turned off by a boring table of numbers.

Accountants use tables of numbers.

Influencers don’t.

Here’s 5 alternatives to tables that won’t send your audience to sleep!

1️⃣ Simple text – for shouting out the key messages

2️⃣ Horizontal bar – for showing actual vs. budget vs. last year

3️⃣ Gap – to show gaps to target

4️⃣ Slope – to show movements between categories

5️⃣ Waterfall – to show the evolution of sales, profit or cost over time

You can download the templates I used below:

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