That feeling you get when you’ve finished the budget

Jan 7, 2021 | Beyond budgeting

Is this part of the problem ❓

Most finance leaders say the right things.

Far fewer leaders actually do what they say.


CFO: we’re restructuring finance and you are all FBPs now, so go our there and get involved in commercial decision making

FBPs: great, we can’t wait

CFO: just make sure you do all the reporting, forecasting and budgeting first

FBPs: WTF!?!??

FBP is not…

❌ reporting
❌ budgeting
❌ forecasting

Those are FP&A activities, soon to be automated and ~80% of the human effort eliminated.

FBP is…

✅ building relationships
✅ turning data into insights
✅ bringing numbers to life

Most finance people are desperate to do those things.

They just don’t have much time.

Which is why they are so relieved when the budget is finally over.

Shame it starts again in a few months…

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