Virtual Finance Business Partner Training

We thought automation would change finance, but Covid-19 got there first.

We'll help you and your team build relationships, turn data into insights and bring numbers to life in a more virtual World.

Our virtual programme combines on-demand video lessons, live virtual workshops, 1:1 video coaching, and exclusive podcasts.

When we can, add face-to-face business simulation days.A new global public masterclass starts every month and lasts 14 weeks, or we'll design a bespoke in-house learning journey for you.

Qualifies for 4 days CPD for ICAEW, CAANZ, CIMA, ACCA, CPA & more.


What is finance business partnering?

It's about 3 things: building relationships, turning data into insights and bringing numbers to lifeAccountants focus on process, data and tables of numbers. Finance business partners focus on people, insights, and telling stories.

And we've got to be just as good at it remotely now as face-to-face.

We've all been senior finance leaders, but our unique finance business partner training approach comes from our experience working outside of finance and being partnered by finance.

Not a finance course.....

This is everything we learned working in sales & marketing, that we wish we'd known when we worked in finance.

We'll help you:

Future-proof your career and prepare for the finance revolution

Prioritise your personal development plans to reach your potential

Turn data into genuine insight using a simple 3 step model

Turn any boring table of numbers into an interesting, engaging and fun dashboard in must 10 minutes

Build rapport quickly with anyone, even difficult people

Feel confident presenting and communicating clear messages

Feel confident challenging elegantly

Sell your ideas and influence people

Negotiate for win-win outcomes


How it works

Start & finish with a self-assessment against our 16 behaviours of World Class. Then take 7 modules over 14 weeks.

Each module includes a 60 minute on-demand video lesson, 2 live 60 minute virtual workshops, tasking and optional 1:1 video coaching.

A new 14-week public programme starts every month, with a choice of time slots & zones. Or run in-house with a range of tailoring options.

When & where available, add face-to-face business simulations days.

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Be World class

We've identified the 16 behaviours of World Class finance business partners, and we'll show you how to develop them.

You'll start by taking our online pre-assessment to benchmark you against our database of over 3,000 FBPs from around the World. You'll get a personalised report showing you your strengths and priority areas to focus on.

You'll take the assessment again at the end to show how you've grown and measure ROI. For in-house projects we can cut the data by level, team, or geography to show how they compare to each other and our database.

On-demand video lessons

We love on-demand video because you can learn whenever and wherever you like.

So each of the 7 modules starts with an on-demand video lesson.

You'll learn the theory, models and principles at your own pace.

It's not all sit back and watch though!

Each video lesson includes self-study exercises, case-study reviews, and even optional project work to submit for feedback.

Watch them as many times as you want. Pause when you want, recap, make notes.

You're the boss on this one!

Live virtual workshops

Each module includes 2 live virtual workshops with Andy Shambrook, Andrew Jepson or Iain Dewson.

We use market-leading virtual classroom software that lets us recreate almost all aspects of face-to-face training. And we keep class sizes small so everyone can contribute.

We'll take you through group exercises in virtual breakout rooms where you'll work with others and present back your ideas.

Plus you'll watch video snippets, take live quizzes, and we finish with a Q&A session.

Podcast & support forum

We post a lot of free content on LinkedIn, including our free podcast.

Join any of our programmes and you'll have access to our premium weekly podcast.

You'll hear the latest thinking from our founder Andy Shambrook and partners Andrew Jepson and Iain Dewson. Plus we interview non-finance leaders to ask them what they really want from their finance teams.

Plus you'll join our private support forum where you can post your ideas, opinions and questions. Not only will other learners join the conversation, we will also answer every post.

Which options works best for you?

Boot Camp

£399 /person
  • On-demand video lessons, including case-studies & exercises to give you a kick-start
  • 7 video lessons
  • 30 exercises
  • 20+ templates
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • Support forum
  • 14 hours CPD


£799 /person
  • On-demand video lesson plus 14 live virtual workshops takes you to the next level
  • Capability survey
  • 7 video lessons
  • 14 virtual workshops
  • Interactive exercises
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • Support forum
  • 28 hours CPD


£999 /person
  • On-demand video lessons, 14 virtual worshops and 1:1 coaching for the ultimate career changer
  • Capability survey
  • 7 video lessons
  • 14 virtual workshops
  • Interactive exercises
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • 90 day email support
  • Support forum
  • 34 hours CPD


£499 /person/day
  • We'll design a bespoke learning journey to meet your specific learning objectives
  • Or run our standard publc programme in-house
  • Branded videos and portal options
  • Total flexibility

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Steve Harris

CFO, Barts Charity

Andy worked with our finance business partner team and has transformed the way we approach the role. By emphasising the importance of relationship building and looking at things from the perspective of our stakeholders the team are now able to provide significantly better service.


Kane Laurence

FP&A Director, CMS Legal

I have worked with Andy and the team twice and have been very impressed with his ability to deliver relevant content in a way that is engaging from start to finish. Andy’s unique sales and finance background really brings something to the table and I would thoroughly recommend his expertise to develop any business partnering capability.


Wes Burrage-Jones

Commercial Finance Director, ReAssure

Andy has taken me & our team on a journey of self learning, enabling a transformation which has resulted in turning dull, low value information into insight and influence. The learning has opened our eyes to a different way of communication and we are excited to continue this journey and see what we can achieve – thanks Andy!

Why choose us?

We've all been senior finance leaders, but our unique approach to finance business partner training comes from our direct experience working outside of finance and being partnered by finance. When you work with us you get us, no-one else.


Andy Shambrook

Founder & Managing Partner

I used to be a finance director and thought I had cracked the code on finance business partnering. Then I became a sales director and saw a whole new perspective.

I developed our unique approach based on my experience working in sales and marketing and being partnered by finance.

Andrew 5's-6

Andrew Jepson

Partner, Asia Pacific

I've been a senior finance leader but it was when I became a general manager that I really got what finance business partnering is all about.

I designed and run Australia's most popular public finance business partner training course, plus I wrote the book 'Compliance to Commercial'.


Iain Dewson

Partner, North America

When I moved from finance to L&D to lead a global finance training Academy I saw finance through a different lens.

I joined The Finance Business Partner in 2019 to help develop and deliver global development programmes integrated into the wider L&D strategy.

Contact us

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