It’s true, KFC didn’t really run out of chicken!

It’s true, KFC didn’t really run out of chicken!

“We definitely can’t operate without gravy”

Ever said something and then wished you hadn’t?

When KFC ran out of chicken last week, Iceland took to social media to advertise their frozen chicken dinners.

KFC replied pointing out the lack of gravy – a favourite for KFC diners.

Hilariously, Iceland replied with a poll asking what was most important in a fried chicken place – chicken or gravy!

69% of people replied chicken.

KFC saw the funny side, accepted defeat, and even asked if Peter Andre was available for their relaunch.


Except now KFC are running low on…you guessed it, gravy.

Double FCK!

Anyway I reckon the chicken shortage was just a Trump-style diversion tactic away from the real problem that was the gravy.

If you think us Brits go into meltdown over chicken, gravy – we’ll that’s a whole other level!

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