New cohorts start monthly


In a more virtual World we’ll show you how to build strong relationships, turn data to insights, bring numbers to life and influence more decisions, including:

Immediate access to all 7 video courses

9 live virtual workshops

Convenient time slots across all zones

12 months unlimited access

100+ video lessons

Over 4 days of output CPD

Personalised development plan

Private support forum

Real-life examples and case-studies

20+ templates to download

7 on-demand video lessons:

1 – What is FBP?

Learn what great looks like and create your personalised development plan

2 – Bring numbers to life

Learn how to make your finance reports interesting, engaging, and fun!

3 – Turn data to insight

Learn how to translate data (what) into information (why) and insights (so what)

4 – Relationships

Learn how to build fast-track rapport, challenge elegantly, and deal with any conflict

5 – Secrets of influence

Apply the secrets of influence from sales and marketing to the finance World

6 –  Tell stories with data

Learn 3 storyline structures, the top 10 finance charts, and the 5 charts not to use

7 – Present with confidence

Learn how to engage your audience, and feel confident presenting


7 live virtual workshops:

The 7 live virtual workshops are aligned to the 7 video courses. You learn the theory and principles in the video course and then we help you apply it in your context in the live workshops. Plus we’ll answer your questions and help you overcome your specific challenges.

Our public courses run for 7 weeks, with 1 live virtual workshop per week. We run them on London and Sydney time zones.

Our next public workshops start 22nd September 8am Sydney time or 29th September 10am London time, both for 7 weeks. And don’t worry if you miss the odd one because they are all recorded and sent to you.