FBP Advance Public with CAANZ

Join our public FBP Academy with CAANZ. Everything you get from our flagship in-house programme, with up to 16 people from different companies.

You’ll learn how to build relationships, turn data to insights, bring numbers to life and influence more decisions.

With 7 hours of on-demand video lessons, 9 x 2 hour live virtual workshops, and at office tasking, you’ll also qualify for up to 4 days CPD for ICAEW, CIMA, ACCA and more.

Sign up today for immediate access to your video lessons to get started right away. Live virtual workshops start in September 2021, dates below.

You’ll get:

FBP Ignite personal development plan

7 x 1 hour on-demand video lessons with self-study exercises, case-studies & templates to download and use

7 x 2 hour live virtual workshops to apply the video learning to your situation

Tasking to apply the learning in your role at work

Over 4 days of output CPD


It’s undeniable that organisations make better commercial decisions when finance is involved. But if that’s the case, then why do so few businesses involve finance in commercial decisions? The simple answer is relationships.

Relationships are the bedrock of finance business partnering. People accept advice from people they know, like and trust. You could be the most technically brilliant accountant, but if you can’t influence key decision makers, communicate financial concepts to a non-finance audience, or build strong relationships with others, you’ll face resistance when trying to advise other departments.

This course teaches finance professionals how to become world-class finance business partners by showing them how to build stronger relationships, transform their data into commercial insight and bring their numbers to life. If finance wants to lead change and add value to the business, developing business partnering skills is the most effective way.

Course structure

FBP Ignite development plan

Whether you choose On Demand or Advance, you’ll start with an online psychometric profile questionnaire and receive an in depth analysis into your current FBP style. FBP Ignite is based on the four types of world-class FBP we identified in our research and the four key behavioural areas each exhibit. Participants will be assessed against these 16 behaviours, and will receive feedback on how they can maximise their full FBP potential.

INSIGHTS® psychometrics

INSIGHTS® is the most applicable communication tool to FBP we’ve found, and it’s included in our FBP Academy package. INSIGHTS® provides participants with an almost freakily accurate insight into their communication and influence preferences. It’ll show participants how to ignite the real them and round off the edges they didn’t even know they had. Participants will also attend an extra 2 x 90 minute live virtual workshops to learn how to maximise the new FBP skills they’ve learned.

Learning outcomes

Rapport is everything

Learn how to build sustainable relationships with anyone quickly, whether they’re in the room or online.

Lead with insight, not data

Businesses are overwhelmed with data and are suffering from decision paralysis. Learn how to extract the insight from your data, reducing the time spent on reports while increasing the impact and actionability.

Inject ‘life’ into your numbers

Lengthy reports are boring and disengaging. Learn how to present and communicate a crystal clear message with the confidence of a top Chief Marketing or Sales Executive; tell the story behind the numbers and hook the business to act.

Negotiate for win-wins

Too often, collaboration between finance and the business ends with the perception that someone has lost. Learn how to challenge and influence others elegantly and sell your ideas by considering the business context to produce effective outcomes.

7 on-demand video lessons

Course 1 – What is FBP?
Learn what great looks like and create your personalised development plan
Course 2 – Bring numbers to life
Learn how to make your finance reports interesting, engaging, and fun!
Course 3 – Turn data to insight
Learn how to translate data (what) into information (why) and insights (so what)
Course 4 – Relationships
Learn how to build fast-track rapport, challenge elegantly, and deal with any conflict
Course 5 – Secrets of influence
Apply the secrets of influence from sales and marketing to the finance World
Course 6 – Tell stories with data
Learn 3 storyline structures, the top 10 finance charts, and the 5 charts not to use
Course 7 – Present with confidence
Learn how to engage your audience, and feel confident presenting

9 live virtual workshops

The first 7 live virtual workshops are aligned to the 7 video courses. You learn the theory and principles in the video course and then we help you apply it in your context in the live workshops. Plus we’ll answer your questions and help you overcome your specific challenges. Workshops 8 and 9 are all about your Insights communication style.

1 – Communication 101
Learn how the CEOs, politicians and CFOs communicate crystal clear messages using a simple technique
2 – Report transform
You’ll transform a boring table of numbers into an engaging, interesting and fun dashboard to help you tell the story behind the numbers.
3 – Uncovering insight
You’ll apply Insight Mountain to your situation and learn how to uncover and then present insights in the most influential way.
4 – Power Language
Learn how to transform your language to build relationships, handle conflict, and negotiate for win-win outcomes
5 – Selling your ideas
You’ll apply the 5 step sales process and our heroes and villains technique to learn how to sell your finance ideas and overcome resistance.
6 – Storytelling
You’ll learn the art of storytelling and how to create engaging business stories to captivate your audience.
7 – Present like Jobs
You’ll learn the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs and how to communicate like a pro.
8 – Your Insights communication preferences (Insights session 1)
You’ll receive your Insights report ahead of this session where you’ll learn your preferences and what they mean for you.
9 – Adapting your style (Insights session 2)
In this session you’ll learn how to adapt your style to get the best from other people and the best from your new FBP tools


Your video lessons are presented by our founder, Andy Shambrook. Iain Dewson, Amanda Carlyle, Oli Deacon or Damian Smith will facilitate the live workshops.







Sign up today and you’ll get immediate access to your video lessons so you can get  started right away.

Live virtual workshops start in October 2022. Please email Shelly: shelly@thefinancebusinesspartner.com for more info.


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