CPD Special 2020 – London time zone

£699 £449

Your CPD Sorted – 4 days for just £449!

Join our CPD Special FBP course where you’ll learn how to build strong relationships, turn data to insights, bring numbers to life and influence more decisions. With 7 hours of on-demand video lessons and 4 x 2 hour live virtual workshops, and at office tasking you’ll qualify for up to 4 days CPD for ICAEW, CIMA, ACCA and more! All for just £499.

Immediate access to all 7 on-demand video courses with over 7 hours of content, examples and self-study exercises.

4 live virtual workshops: Tuesday 8th Dec 10am-12pm; Thursday 10th Dec 10am-12pm; Tuesday 15th Dec 10am-12pm; Thursday 17th Dec 10am-12pm.

12 months unlimited access to videos

100+ video lessons

Over 4 days of output CPD for ICAEW, CIMA, ACCA and more

Personalised development plan

Private support forum

Real-life examples and case-studies

20+ templates to download


7 on-demand video lessons:


1 – What is FBP?

Learn what great looks like and create your personalised development plan

2 – Bring numbers to life

Learn how to make your finance reports interesting, engaging, and fun!

3 – Turn data to insight

Learn how to translate data (what) into information (why) and insights (so what)

4 – Relationships

Learn how to build fast-track rapport, challenge elegantly, and deal with any conflict

5 – Secrets of influence

Apply the secrets of influence from sales and marketing to the finance World

6 –  Tell stories with data

Learn 3 storyline structures, the top 10 finance charts, and the 5 charts not to use

7 – Present with confidence

Learn how to engage your audience, and feel confident presenting


4 live virtual workshops:


1 – Report transform

You’ll transform a boring table of numbers into an engaging, interesting and fun dashboard to help you tell the story behind the numbers.

2 – Uncovering insight

You’ll apply Insight Mountain to your situation and learn how to uncover and then present insights in the most influential way.

3 – Selling your ideas

You’ll apply the 5 step sales process and our heroes and villains technique to learn how to sell your finance ideas and overcome resistance.

4 – Present like Jobs

In this final session you’ll learn the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs and how to communicate like a pro.