Boot Camp

£399 /person
  • On-demand video lessons, including case-studies & exercises to give you a kick-start
  • 7 on demand video lessons
  • 30 exercises
  • 20+ templates
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • Support forum
  • 4 days+ CPD


£799 /person
  • On-demand video lesson plus 9 live virtual workshops takes you to the next level
  • Capability survey
  • 7 on-demand video lessons
  • 9 virtual workshops
  • Interactive exercises
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • Support forum
  • 6 days+ CPD


£999 /person
  • On-demand video lessons, 9 virtual worshops and 1:1 coaching for the ultimate career changer
  • Capability survey
  • 7 on demand video lessons
  • 9 live virtual workshops
  • 1:1 Zoom coaching
  • Interactive exercises
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • 90 day email support
  • Support forum
  • 8 days+ CPD


£499 /person/day
  • Let us design a bespoke learning journey to meet your specific learning objectives
  • Or simply run our standard publc programme in-house
  • Branded videos and portal options
  • And we can produce bespoke video lessons for you

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Steve Harris

CFO, Barts Charity

Andy worked with our finance business partner team and has transformed the way we approach the role. By emphasising the importance of relationship building and looking at things from the perspective of our stakeholders the team are now able to provide significantly better service.


Kane Laurence

FP&A Director, CMS Legal

I have worked with Andy and the team twice and have been very impressed with his ability to deliver relevant content in a way that is engaging from start to finish. Andy’s unique sales and finance background really brings something to the table and I would thoroughly recommend his expertise to develop any business partnering capability.


Wes Burrage-Jones

Commercial Finance Director, ReAssure

Andy has taken me & our team on a journey of self learning, enabling a transformation which has resulted in turning dull, low value information into insight and influence. The learning has opened our eyes to a different way of communication and we are excited to continue this journey and see what we can achieve – thanks Andy!

Why choose us?

We've all been senior finance leaders, but our unique approach to finance business partner training comes from our direct experience working outside of finance and being partnered by finance. When you work with us you get us, no-one else.


Andy Shambrook

Founder & Managing Partner

I used to be a finance director and thought I had cracked the code on finance business partnering. Then I became a sales director and saw a whole new perspective.

I developed our unique approach based on my experience working in sales and marketing and being partnered by finance.

Andrew 5's-6

Andrew Jepson

Partner, Asia Pacific

I've been a senior finance leader but it was when I became a general manager that I really got what finance business partnering is all about.

I designed and run Australia's most popular public finance business partner training course, plus I wrote the book 'Compliance to Commercial'.


Iain Dewson

Partner, North America

When I moved from finance to L&D to lead a global finance training Academy I saw finance through a different lens.

I joined The Finance Business Partner in 2019 to help develop and deliver global development programmes integrated into the wider L&D strategy.

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Ask any marketeer and they’ll tell you the worst way to bring numbers to life…is to use a table of numbers. Why? Any more than a handful of numbers creates immediate noise and potential confusion. Too many numbers means your key message is diluted or even lost. Many people are intimidated, put off, or just…

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What’s the best way to bring variances to budget to life? Stop using boring tables of numbers and try this instead… My favourite finance chart is simple text, click here’s for that video. My second favourite chart is the gap chart. I think it’s the best way to show gaps to budget, target, and last…

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Are video financial presentations only for Coca-Cola, Apple & Samsung? Actually if you’ve got 10 seconds spare here’s how you can do it too… I pulled together this presentation in about 5 minutes. Then it took me about 10 seconds to turn it into a video. It’s a bit different for each version of PowerPoint…

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Did you know there were 3 ways to present the exact same number? The one you pick is more important than you think… £30m This round number is great for impact and simplicity, but it could look like you made it up. So you’re more likely to be challenged on it. £31.23m This doesn’t quite…

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Stop talking about driving performance. It may sound good, but it’s killing your influence. And here’s how. Finance don’t drive performance. Sales, marketing, and operations do that. If you want to drive it, go and work in one of those. Finance’s role is to help sales, marketing and operations people to drive performance. And it’s…

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Is this the brutal truth about FP&A and FBP?

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80-90% plus of what FBPs do is not finance business partnering. Why? Because it’s reporting, forecasting or budgeting. Which are FP&A activities. Soon to be largely taken over by robots. The future of FP&A is not business partnering. The future of FP&A is automation, significant job losses and falling wages as supply outweighs demand. Finance…

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